Get Skooobed!

skooob-tour-eiffel.pngSkooob is stylish, current, and functional! Worn by artists and athletes all around the world, Skooob is poised to become an essential accessory.


  • Eliminate tangled wires
  • Customize headphones to match your style
  • Add a personal touch to any pair of ear buds

Skooob was imagined, invented, and created by Anthony Lavenant.
Having a passion for creativity, art, and challenges, Anthony left the boxing ring for film and fashion.
He created and worked on film sets including “Big Fish” by Tim Burton and “Les Parisiens” by C. Lelouche.
In fashion he worked with Vogue, Annie Leibovitz, JP Gauthier, JB Mondino, and Mario Testino.
Being an entrepreneur and innovator, Anthony continued to pursue more avenues to express his creativity and imagination. Anthony eventually created the Skooob and revolutionized the way people look at their headphones.