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Tangle-FREE Silicone Earbuds - Blue


The HamiltonBuhl HESKB earbuds are pre-wrapped in an exclusive Skooob for tangle-free cords every time you need them. Use them for music, classroom instruction, or any other listening activities.

Skooobed HESKB earbuds are always kink-free whether stuffed in your pocket or purse. These always hassle-free and durable earbuds feature comfortably soft silicone ear buds, in-ear sleek design, a 4’ cord, and a TRS plug.

Earbuds Specifications:
• Color: Blue

• Plug Size: 1/8" (3.5mm)
• Plug Type: 180° (TRS plug with Nickel-plating)
• Signal Format: Stereo
• Cord Length: 3'10"
• Cord Type: PVC
• Storage Bags: Yes
• Speaker Drivers: 15mm

Skooob Specifications:
• Color: Blue

• Plastic Material: TPU

Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight 0.07 lbs. 0.16 lbs. 17.7 lbs. QTY: 250
Dimensions 3.9x6x0.25 8.9x6x0.75 13.6x13.6x7.9
Warranty 90 Days

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